Getting the eBooks (PDF)

Step 1:       In the Finder, select the "Go" menu & "Connect To Server (CMD-K )


Step 2:     Click on "Browse" & Scroll down and select CTAdmin MacMini & "Connect as..." & log in with your school ID and password.


Step 3:   Select "Com Tech Server" & the "ebooks" folder then drag the folder that you wish onto your destop.

If you don't have this book, I highly recomend the whole series. You can purchase them from


Photoshop 1


Read and understand Chapters 1-5 of Classroom in A Book

Project 1:

Take two pictures of a person and make them look better using the tools you've learned. Marks are given on how much work is actually needed. (So don't take a picture of a person with beautiful skin.)

I have a couple of pictures that you can use, on dropbox, if you prefer.



Project 2:

Make a project that demonstrates the tools and methods you've learned in the first 5 Chapters.

It can be whatever you find interesting. A website logo, a poster for your band, an advertisment for your parent's business... whatever interests you.


Link to Marking Sheet

Tools I'm looking for:


Repairing areas with the Clone Stamp tool

Using the Healing Brush tools to remove blemishes

Applying surface blur

Adjusting skin tones


Tools I'm looking for:

Mulitiple Layers

Adjustment Layers

Applying a gradient to a layer

Applying a layer style

Updating layer effects

Adding a border

Different Layers of Text with Colours, Fonts and layer styles


Photoshop 2

Chapters 6-10 of Classroom in A Book

List of lessons and projects




            Design Projects and pages

                          Getting rid of acne    



How To Make Your Own Movie Poster