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 BCHS is the only school in Alberta that has the Com Tech Photography

class create the grad photos for the senior class.


The Portrait Photography class offers full photo shoots in traditional cap & gown as well as casual shots that span the gamut of creativity.

Not only does the program offer prices that are significantly less than previous outside companies, half the funds go back into the school program where the equipment can be used by all students, and the other half subsidizes a photography trip in which the students take courses from some of the top photographers in the business.


Information Pamphlet


Your photographer will contact you before Oct 1 to give you your sitting time and their contact info.

If this time does not work for you, you are welcome to contact your photographer and arrange a time that better suits your needs.

All shoots and proofs are totally free, but if you do not wish to do a shoot with us, then feel free to only come in and have a couple of shots done for the grad composite and grad book, or come tell your concerns to Mr. Tyrrell and we may be able to arrange something.



Remember to bring a prop that means something for you, a hockey stick, volleyball uniform, dirt bike. Just please inform your photographer ahead of time if it's going to be big, dirty, or alive!

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These are given out with the proofs