Video Level 1

Lesson 1-1

Teacher Interviews

No Shooting


Video Lesson 1

Video Lesson 1-1 - Teacher Interviews

Video Shooting Basics--

Lesson 1-2

3 Shots & An Action


Video Lesson 1

Video Lesson 1 - 2-Shooting 3 Shots and an Action


Video Lesson 1

Video Lesson 1 - 2-Editing 3 Shots and an Action

How To Set Up The Camera

Lesson 1-3

Bobby-John Gets A Call



Shooting Bobby John

Video Lesson 1 - 3-Bobby John Gets A Call

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Video 1-3

Shooting Bobby John



BCHS Sound Files


BCHS Special FX Videos


Video: How to set up & import a new video

Written Instructions

Get your sound effects from here:

Search for "Cell Phone Ring, Various"

Search for "Crowd Party Adults"

Video 1-4

Making your

own movie!

Marking your Movie


Additional Projects

Steps to setting up your new video


Making Your Own Text Logo


Making Your Own Text Logo Video Tutorial

Keyframing Tutorial




Gunshot Tutorial

Additional Special FX Projects

Interesting info


How to Export your movie

Web Sites for Royalty free music

Incompetech– royalty free music.  Search by genre or feel.
Soundation– online music studio with recording, effects, virtual instruments and over 700 free loops and sounds
Audio Nautix – Online collection created by Jason Shaw.
FMA– Free Music Archive.  Search by genre.
Jamendo– royalty free music downloads



and other video files


Upload your videos to this webpage!

(Only people from Pembina Hills can view it.)



Old version of Video 1-3

Version 1

Student Film Showing Different Camera Shots, more in depth


Examples of film shots